Franz Rosati, Leila Bahlouri-Pathline #1

Pathline #1 is an Audio/Visual work by Franz Rosati presented as Live Set, interactive installation or screening. Based on the use of concrete transfigured sound, digital noises, and generative graphics the visual environment reacts to the sonic stimulus morphing from smooth and structured configurations to flickering skeletal and chaotic structures following its own behaviour. Lines and points are organized in complex visual forms as tiny audio snippets are organized in patterns and textures both driven by algorithms providing organic behaviours to the A/V environment. Pathline #1 is about the discontinuity of aural and visual patterns focusing on what we recognize as artificial instead of organic.

Franz Rosati is a sound and media artist, focusing his research on real-time A/V, Visual Music projects and installations following an aesthetic idea based on discontinuity of aural and visual patterns avoiding any kind of repetition through the use of chaos mathematics, generative and stochastic processes. He uses his own custom made software for real-time micro-montage and sound elaboration in the microscopic time scale to realize compositions and performances based on aural and visual matter’s costant metamorphosis. During the years, Franz Rosati has played in a large number of electroacoustic projects such as Franco Ferguson improvisors collective, Meccanica Ferma, Solderwire, GRIDSHAPE, developing his own approach to electroacoustic improvisation. In 2007 founded Nephogram [contemporary documents] collectives with Stefano Pala a.k.a. UKQWJB. He also teaches MaxMSP/Jitter for sound design, interactivity and multimedia, focusing in computer vision techniques in several Workshops and Art/Design Institutes, and developed Interactive Examples for Electronic Music and Sound Design, a book about sound theory and practice in MaxMSP.

Leila Bahlouri is a singer and songwriter with background among jazz and folk music, after her music studies Leila has developed a strong interest in experimental sounds mixed with her main influences
and she’s actually working on her first solo project. She’s now involved as live visual performer in Pathline #1, an audiovisual live set developed by Franz Rosati and ispired by Leila’s drawings transposed in generative graphic structures.


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